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Winter hiking

Winter hiking on Bjelasnica and Igman

Our unique mountains are at your service even when it comes to hiking during the winter!

The easiest way to experience this activity is through following our marked winter hiking trails. With this snow-cleared walking path, you can take a light or brisk walk through the snow-covered winter landscape and enjoy the beauty and fresh air of or nature.
It doesn’t always have to be the highest peak or the longest route. On the contrary, slow-paced winter hiking should also be on your to-do list of activities during your winter stay on Bjelašnica and Igman. Hiking itself is surely a classic that never goes out of fashion. And it is crystal clear why that is so: you can explore the snowy winter landscape without any special or professional equipment and without investing a great effort. The morning hours are especially intense and interesting, when the day is slowly waking up – and the smell of winter and the taste of an unforgettable experience is literally in the air!