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Take a deep breath and start running: Welcome to the mountaineering paradise of Bjelašnica and Igman. In our country, trail runners, competitors and amateur joggers are constantly amazed when they discover countless possibilities that Bjelasnica and Igman have to offer!

Whether it’s early in the morning when the sun kisses the mountain peaks or in the evening just before the rabbit wishes good night to the fox: on Bjelašnica and Igman it is always the perfect moment to engage in running or hiking. This is not only known to runners who zigzag over impressive hills and valleys, amateur joggers who decide to break a sweat surrounded by nature, but to competitors with ambitious, professional goals as well! 

All of them are able find the perfect track break a sweat in the nature’s fitness studio in the fresh air on Bjelašnica and Igman. Our recommendations: Bijele Vode – Mala Vlahinja.

Starting point: Bijele Vode mountain lodge.


End point: Mala Vlahinja

Directions for arrival to the starting point: Take the main road M18 to Krupac where you should turn right behind the quarry onto the Regional Road R442a towards Bjelašnica and Igman. When you reach the Hotel Maršal on Bjelašnica, continue straight for a few more kilometers to the Bijele Vode lodge.

General instructions: Enter the forest above the lodge and follow a marked path through it. After leaving the forest, turn left (northwest) and go all the way to the road that leads to the top of Bjelašnica. It is possible to take a break at the top in the Observatory which is equipped with a break room for hikers. After your rest, continue northwest, above Kotlova ridge, next to the demolished military facility all the way to the top of Mala Vlahinja.


Equipment: Standard hiking equipment adapted to weather conditions.