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Important information and phone numbers.

Even though Bjelašnica and Igman are usually mentioned interchangeably, they differ more than one can possibly imagine. On the one hand, a striking, tall and very demanding Bjelašnica, on the other hand, shorter and family friendly Igman. But thanks to this contrast, both of them are at your disposal for fulfilling all of your wishes.
If you are planning to visit our natural jewels, finding factual, useful and up to date information has never been easier. Our content is available in all official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the English language.

Our platform serves as a unique front desk for mountain tourism and winter sports and activities on the two astonishing mountains – Bjelašnica and Igman.

  • Important phone numbers
    The police122
    Mountain rescue service062 654 456
    Roadside assistance1282 | 1285 | 1288