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What had just begun as a test of courage developed into his passion: today Mirvad Zenuni and his team are fulfilling their dream of flying almost every day, alone or as a couple on a professional flight in tandem on Bjelašnica. Let us guide you through their path to professional success:

One last look at your belts, adjust your sunglasses and… he is off. Determined to defeat the abyss. There’s no turning back. Full speed. The abyss is getting closer. Is this going well? The last few meters. But there! Behind him rises his colorful paraglider. Salvation in sight: his legs take off in time – and he slips effortlessly over the Dinaric Mountains, Bjelašnica and Igman. One is certain – Mirvad Zenuni is addicted to paradise.

An important test of courage

It all started with a test of courage: “My colleagues and I, at that time at Bjelašnica, came up with the idea to start paragliding.” Zenuni looks back. In his group, he had the most respect and dedication for their upcoming project. But perhaps that’s why paragliding fascinated him from the beginning. The moment he took off and no longer felt the ground beneath his feet, he was just floating – Mirvad recalls as if it were yesterday: “It feels like you’re immersing yourself in another element.”

The feeling of happiness accompanies the rush of adrenaline

In his daily work, he brings people closer to flying a tandem flight. For many, such a flight is their first flying experience. “At first, my guests are tense, they feel the adrenaline flowing through their veins. Then the amazement begins: you notice how calm it is – you often hear only the quiet rustling of the wind. And they’re enjoying a brand new perspective.” Mirvad prefers to start with guests on Bjelašnica in the summer. The launch site there is open from the area and offers a good view of Babin do.Teamwork is necessary on a tandem flight!

Unlike parachuting, a guide cannot simply push the beginners out of a plane in tandem flight. Contrary. Paragliding requires teamwork and trust. Often it is possible for them to control the flight themselves from time to time. Flying at sunset is a special experience for Zenuni: “Flying towards the sun when the last rays of air bathe the landscape with their warm colors. Then, the blissful feeling of happiness is close to perfection!”