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Nature's perfection on a crystal-white surface

The area of Bjelašnica and Igman offers plenty of space for exploration and adventure. A breathtaking view, an impressive experience to be enjoyed everywhere.

There are enough offers on site for everyone: Adrenaline addicts quickly become enthusiastic about the challenging roads, while those seeking peace and quiet  can walk through and admire the beauty of the area. Those eager for new discoveries can be seen walking through Bjelašnica and Igman, and photography lovers and Instagrammers are amazed by the perfection of nature. They all have one thing in common: they are enjoying their well-deserved vacation, right here, on the Dinaric mountains.

Igman is a worhty destination for those who want to experience the breathtaking sights of hills and landscapes. The 1,500-meter-high mountain, located 12 km from the center of Sarajevo, was a place for Nordic skiing, biathlon and ski jumping during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Igman is an extremely popular place for outdoor excursions, trail running and mountain biking.

There are many options for running. Among them are 39 km of Nordic skiing trails, which are used for mountain biking and running in summer. These are mixed dirt roads spreading around the mountain and some more rugged trails.

On the top of our list of recommendations are the trails on Veliko Polje, with lots of different options for various activities. It encompasses a combination of open ground with beautiful Alpine views with some parts of the road immersed in the woods. The roads of Malo Polje are similar when it comes to difficulty of the terrain, but its iconic beauty as well.

Worry not, there is plenty of parking space at your disposal!