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Konoba Vučko

Konoba Vučko Bjelašnica, Babin do, Bjelašnica, Bosna i Hercegovina


Located in the heart of Bjelašnica, Tavern Vučko is an exceptional choice for taking a quick rest from various winter sports and activities, or as a wine and dine experience on its own. Our kind and professional staff will make sure that you leave with a wide smile, a full belly and a promise to yourself that you will return soon.

With frequently organized music shows, from local to regional music stars, each of your visits will be unforgettable. Paired with an amazing atmosphere, homemade drinks and food, you are destined to meet many new people and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We offer a variety of dishes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and our desserts are a must!

Pay us a visit and get you will realize why everyone reccommends us!


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