Bosnia and Herzegovina 

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Skiing Otvoreno
Night skiing Otvoreno
Lifts in function K1, Bx, Tro
Snow height 190-250 cm
Bjelasnica Weather forecast

Hotel Hecco - Sarajevo

Apart from its basic needs, all hotel rooms and apartments are equipped with computers with an internet connection which gives them a particular business character.

The hotel contains:

A restaurant with 50 chairs capacity, modern design and comfortable ambient. The restaurant is open from 07 to 22 hours and completely covers the hotel`s capacity.

A conference hall with an appetizer bar of 40 chairs capacity. The hall is decorated modernly including an LCD projector for presentation needs.

Covered parking area with 24 hour video surveillance and alarm system protection.



  Hotel MarÅ¡al
Bjelašnica, Sarajevo

  Apartmani El Tarik Oil
Babin Do, Bjelašnica

  Apartman Hamel
Babin Do, Bjelašnica

  Hotel Hecco
Bašcarsija, Sarajevo

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